Maite: Your Smart Legal Assistant for Contract Creation


In an increasingly digital world, the need to facilitate and speed up legal processes has become imperative. This is where Maite, an advanced artificial intelligence, comes into play, assisting in the creation of contracts that not only comply with current legislation but are also easily understandable to users.

But how does Maite achieve this feat? Below, we break down the process step by step.

Step 1: Understanding User Needs

Before starting the creation of a contract, Maite first seeks to understand the specific needs of the user. This is achieved through a series of directed questions that help gather all the necessary information to draft a contract that meets the client’s demands.

Step 2: Analysis of Current Legislation

Once the information is collected, Maite proceeds to analyze the current legislation related to the type of contract being created. Its vast database, which is constantly updated, allows it to access the most recent laws and regulations, ensuring that the contract is in compliance with current norms.

Step 3: Generation of the Contract

With the user’s information and legal analysis in hand, Maite begins generating the contract. It uses advanced algorithms to create a document that not only meets legal requirements but is also clear and understandable. This is achieved through the use of simple and direct language, avoiding legal jargon that could confuse the user.

Step 4: Review and Adjustments

Once the contract is generated, Maite offers the possibility to review and make adjustments if necessary. Users can request modifications or clarifications, and Maite takes care of making changes efficiently, ensuring that the final contract is of the highest quality.

Step 5: Ongoing Advice

Maite goes beyond mere contract creation. It also offers ongoing advice, helping users navigate the legal complexities that may arise during the execution of the contract. This includes resolving doubts and providing legal advice based on deep and up-to-date analysis.


Maite represents a revolution in the world of legal contracts. Its process, which combines a deep understanding of laws with ease of use and understanding, is designed to make users’ lives much simpler. With Maite, creating contracts becomes a smooth and stress-free process, allowing people to focus on what really matters while ensuring that their interests are legally protected. Discover today how Maite can transform your experience with legal contracts!